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This lovely area of Umbria not only offers a relaxing atmosphere, but also a variety of unique local dishes that can be rediscovered and savoured at Locanda Petreja.

At Locanda Petreja, which is named after the Gens Petreja who inhabited the Castrum during the Roman Age, it is possible to taste some traditional recipes revisited by the innovative touch of Chef Oliver Glowig, who undersigns all the dishes on the menu, and is twice Michelin-starred and passionate about Italy and its exquisite products.

Oliver is totally in love with Italy and, during the 20 years spent in our Country, has realised that his love knows no limits: his family and his cuisine speak Italian and are an expression of Italian traditions, colours and emotions. . A very colourful and embracing cuisine that celebrates the flavours and products of the Belpaese. His style of cooking is marked by a particular combination of land and sea food, a mix of light and joy, in spite of his shy yet sunny personality.

This culinary philosophy comes to life at “Locanda Petreja”. The menu, its clearest Manifesto, relies on top quality raw materials, handled with expertise, technique and a pinch of creativity. The Starters are based on simple products involving seasonal vegetables, like Radicchio Salad with Plinius sheep blue cheese, raspberries and nuts or Cooked and Raw combinations of fruit and vegetables; healthy products like eggs are served Crunchy with spinach and Pecorino cheese spread and black truffle. Anchovies are served in the “scapece” style with fennel and capers. When it comes to Pasta dishes, a classic like Chickpea Soup finds an innovative element in its companions: escarole and clams. Seafood that can also be found in the Ravioli with Mussels, garnished with cheese and black pepper. Traditional Tortelli are revisited with hazelnuts and mushrooms, or with cauliflower and essence of rosemary-scented beef, while Parmesan Risotto comes with beetroot and egg yolk and some delicious black truffle. The Main Courses include a choice of meat or fish, or both, as tokens of Italian and local cuisine: the exceptional Baccalà (Cod) dish is revisited in a crispy bread crust with chickpeas, garlic mash and aged balsamic; Lamb makes for another classic of the Umbrian cooking tradition and is served with Jerusalem artichoke and pomegranate to provide freshness; Pork is rigorously of the “Cinta Senese” kind and comes with Castelluccio lentils, cocoa beans and raspberry vinegar. The menu also features a broad selection of local cheese: sheep, goat and cow. At this point, desserts deserve particular attention: a sweet ending with Goat Cheese foam with blackberries, Yogurt ice cream with raspberries and white pepper biscuit, Carrot cake with extra virgin olive oil ice cream and an infusion of herbs and spices and Chocolate in five textures with licorice semifreddo.

The sculpture of a knight sits in the centre of the restaurant, in the room that bears his name (knight room), together with an old press and a cart that was once used for carrying hay. There are two more rooms in the restaurant: the stable and the noble room.
Overlooking the external courtyard there is a tasting room, known as “the cellar” and it is located in what used to be the town’s old chapel. The history of the stronghold is kept here together with the farming records of the people who inhabited this peaceful retreat for centuries, far from the more beaten Umbrian tracks.

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Closed on Wednesday

Locanda Petreja
Ristorante Locanda Petreja
Locanda Petreja Restaurant
Ristorante Locanda Petreja
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