Dear Guest, the following rules and regulations are an integral part of the consensual agreement that determines the relationship between a Hotel and those who choose to use its facilities. The information provided herewith, which is also available on our web site, covers all management policies involved in the daily running of the Hotel. Once a guest has confirmed their intention of using the Hotel’s facilities, it is considered implicit that the guest has read and accepted our policies and will abide by them.

Reservation and Confirmation

Reservation at our Country Relais can be made directly, through our  web site or by phone, WhatsApp or e-mail.

In the case of a direct reservation, the best possible price is guaranteed and dependent on the various offers online. The guarantee of the best price will depend on all offers online, but will not include possible tariffs available subject to registering or logging in on portals of another nature (e.g. Genius RESERVATION, Travel Agency tariffs, etc.) In the case of finding a better offer other than that on our site, the prospective guest can contact our Reception to see if there is a possibility of finding the same price or an even better one. In the case of a reservation request, our Reception will send an estimate in line with the client’s requirements. However, unless further instructions are received, the receipt of the estimate does not automatically confirm a room, and the offer will remain open until the client accepts the offer and confirms by paying a deposit. It is always possible to keep an option open for the room offered, but this must be confirmed by the Reception and the availability of the moment. Confirmation of a reservation requires the payment of a deposit amounting to 30% of the entire sum, including any further service demands. In particular cases, or depending on a change in information, the confirmation conditions can be different from those stipulated above, as for instance in the case of a package reservation, for which the confirmation will be indicated in the estimate/offer, or in the case of special offers such as group reservations or last minute reservations etc.
The payment of the confirmation deposit should be made by way of a bank transfer, using the following data:


Bic – Swift:
Bank: UNICREDIT – Ostia Della Rovere (Via Claudio 21 – 00122 RM)
Reference: Name and date of the stay

Cancellation terms and payment policy

Any confirmed reservation can be cancelled according to the conditions communicated during the reservation process. Usually, the free cancellation is within 72 hours of the expected check-in, but depending on the offer (as for ex. the early booking one) it can vary and be longer. The cancellationrequest must be forwarded via written notification (e-mail or message). In the case of a cancellation where the deposit has already been paid, the Hotel will undertake to reimburse the prospective customer by Bank Transfer, or in agreement with the customer, suggest using the credit for a possible future reservation or use of the Hotel’s facilities. In the case of cancellation beyond the established terms, or if there is a no-show on the part of the guest, the deposit will not be reimbursed. In special cases, or cases where terms have been otherwise agreed, there could be changes in management policy, for example in the case of special tariffs for Easter and New Year, etc. involving package reservations for events or groups. The terms for cancellation, if differing from those stipulated above, will always be clearly indicated in the special offers. The payment for the overall stay, less the deposit but inclusive of all the extras accumulated during the stay, must be undertaken within and not beyond the date of check-out. The payment should be made in whichever way the guest chooses acceptable to the Hotel (credit card, cash or other).

Hotel services: overnight stay conditions, room facilities & extras

Check-in e check-out

Guests are invited to check-in from 3 o’clock p.m.

Guests are invited to check-out by 11 o’clock a.m.

Should a customer ask specifically, the time of arrival or departure can be anticipated or postponed as required. The Reception should be notified in both cases and are subject to necessity:

  • Early Check-in free of charge: foresees arrival at the Hotel prior to 3 p.m. and a left-luggage service at Reception;
  • Early Check-in: foresees the possibility of accessing the room from 12.00 for a charge of Euros 60
  • Late Check-out free of charge: foresees a left-luggage service at Reception and the use of the Hotel’s facilities (swimming pool, bike hire, restaurant etc.)
  • Late Check-out: foresees a prolonged stay in the room until 2 o’clock p.m. for a supplement of Euros 60, or until 8 p.m. for a supplement of Euros 100.

Whenever possible, where the use of further Hotel services are involved, our Reception will try to offer the best possible conditions, as for example a late check-out free of charge and an early check-in free of charge. Customers will only be able to take advantage of these conditions if they notify the Reception at least 24 hours in advance of their arrival and departure, and the effective disposition will depend on the availability of rooms and services.

The room

All our rooms, of varying sizes, are provided with a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV in various shapes and sizes, a hair dryer, telephone, electric kettle, minibar, wi-fi and coffee set. Each room is provided with a safe with a series of combinations that the customer can choose from, the functioning of which is illustrated in the instructions to be found in the room. However, the Management declines any responsibility in the case of loss, theft or damage to any valuables left unattended by the customer, and without concrete proof of the Hotel staff’s responsibility (Act.1785, 1785bis and 2697 C.C.). Each room is provided with a brochure containing all the information necessary and useful for a successful stay, including telephone numbers and contacts, both internal and external, in case of emergency or need. The brochure also gives detailed information about the cost of all the services available (room service supplement, minibar cost, etc.,) The reservation of a room with a SPA ensuite will entail filling in a form provided by Reception accepting full responsibility for its use. The form is obligatory and should be filled in before entering the room, it is also present in the brochure found in the room. Smoking is prohibited in all the rooms and internal areas of the Hotel (act: 51 n.3 dated 16/01/2003 and finalized 23/12/2003). Any breaking of this rule will involve reporting the event immediately to the Police who, on identification of the guilty party, will impart the relative sanction.


(CHOICE OF PILLOW) The Hotel provides its customers with a list of pillows to add to or substitute the pillow already in the room. The choice will depend on daily availability and entails a supplement of Euros 15 per night. It is advisable to book this service at least 48 hours before your stay.

(ACCOMPANYING PETS) Borgo Petroro Country Relais & Restaurant is pet friendly: your four-legged friends are welcome in every part of the Hotel, but need to be kept on a leash in communal areas. In the case of a stay with a pet, there is an extra charge of Euros 15 per night. The Hotel will provide dog baskets or other soft materials for your dogs’ comfort if these are requested beforehand and according to availability. The Reception will help you organize a dog-sitter or a daily kennel if necessary, thanks to a network of qualified external professionals. The availability of these services and their relative payment should be arranged between the customer and the external professional. The Hotel declines any responsibility in the case of controversy or damage that occurs from the use of external services.

(LAUNDRY SERVICE) The Hotel provides its customers with a daily laundry service, the cost of which depends on the amount and type of garments that need cleaning. The minimum of 24 hours is necessary before the time of delivery. The actual availability of this service is subject, however, to variations depending on the time and the day.

(NEWSPAPER SERVICE) The Hotel can provide its customers with one or more daily newspapers, either directly ensuite or in Reception, for a daily supplement of Euros 5. This service should be requested by the customer at least 24 hours in advance whether on a one day basis or for consecutive days. The availability of foreign or specialized newspapers and magazines cannot be guaranteed.

Hotel services: Restaurant / Bar

All our customers will have at their disposal:

  • The Restaurant “Locanda Petreja”
  • The aperitifs’ bar “Taverna”
  • The Swimming Pool bar (from June to September)
  • The Medieval Cellar for wine tasting sessions

The restaurant “Locanda Petreja” offers an à la carte solutions, or a special tasting menu with six courses  All the information regarding the menu and the various possibilities offered is available on the following link

The Restaurant is open every day, both for lunch and dinner, and the menu is subject to seasonal variations. For all Hotel services regarding food, including that already paid for in a package deal, an advance booking of 24 hours is required before the actual time of provision. A failure to communicate the foreseen arrival time within the above-mentioned terms, and in spite of being in possession of an already paid package inclusive of lunch and dinner, the service cannot be guaranteed. Communication must include, over and above the number of people and the time, all possible food anomalies (allergies, intolerances, special diets, vegetarian and vegan demands etc.) that could imply health risks. All communication concerning this needs to be delivered in writing by way of the means provided by the Reception: (e-mail, telephone messages, the Hotel web site). The Hotel will decline any responsibility for possible problems arising from the use of our catering services if failure to communicate the above-mentioned information in writing is not forthcoming. In the case of a customer not respecting their booking for a meal, and having failed to cancel in writing, the customer will be asked to pay a penalty of 50 euros.                                                          

Hotel services: SPA area

Borgo Petroro has a common wellness area and two private wellness areas within the Royal SPA Suites “Ranieri” and “Greppia”. To be able to take advantage of the SPA services, customers need to fill out a form, provided by the Reception, assuming responsibility. Within the wellness area a notice is in full view containing all the necessary information, and there is a direct line to Reception in case of urgent need. The common wellness area, equipped with a jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, emotional shower and herbal tea area, can be booked for an hour for the exclusive use of a single person, a couple or a family in order to guarantee the maximum well-being and privacy, as well as keeping a correct distance between guests. The cost of this service amounts to Euros 30 per person. Entrance to the wellness area has to be arranged between the customer and the Reception 48 hours before use, and is subject to availability in terms of time slots. In the case of holiday weekends or special packages, the time limit for booking the wellness area could vary, making the necessity of booking several days in advance imperative. This eventuality will always be communicated in one way or another during all the reservation phases.

In the case of special offers or packages inclusive of the use of the wellness area, the failure to communicate the available time slot will lead automatically to the customer  foregoing the service without reimbursement.
All treatments and massages on the spa treatment menu need to be booked at least 48 hours in advance and are subject to availability in terms of both the actual service and the time slot. Failure to respect a reservation for one or more services in the agreed time slots, including entrance to the wellness area, will automatically result in being charged for the services requested. In the case of both the communal wellness area and the private areas, entrance to the hydro-massage pool is forbidden after a massage or other treatments involving the use of oils or other body solutions, without removing all traces of them in the shower. Furthermore, it is forbidden to introduce soap or other solid or liquid substances in the pool. A lack of respect for these norms will lead to a penalty equal to the cost of any resulting repair work. 

Other Services

Outside swimming pool 

Our outside swimming pool is open from June to September and from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., with possible variations depending on the weather or other conditions. Entrance is allowed only to our guests and is free of charge. There are toilets, changing rooms and a bar within the pool area. On arrival, our Staff will provide you with a kit of towels and useful instructions to help make the best of the pool, the loungers and sun umbrellas. All the rules concerning a correct use of the pool (expected behaviour, health conditions etc.)  are clearly printed and posted in full view.

Transfer service to and from 

Our Hotel organizes a transfer service from and to the main airports and/or tourist destinations; the cost, procedure and use of the service depends on its availability. In the case of the service not being available on the part of the Hotel, our staff will help you by organizing transport with a third party. In this case, the availability, the form of transport and the payment should be agreed privately between the customer and the third party. The Hotel therefore declines any responsibility in case of controversy or damage as a result of the agreement between the two parties.                                           


All common areas and rooms at the Relais have a wi-fi network coverage, which is free of charge. Access to the network envisages a valid e-mail address and authorization for the use of personal data for the Hotel’s marketing purposes as indicated on the GDPR page present on our web site:


The Hotel has three free external parking lots situated in the immediate vicinity of the entrance. One of the parking lots is provided with a video surveillance closed circuit camera.  All three lots are located on public property, on a private road with access limited to land owners close by and Hotel customers. The Hotel declines any responsibility for eventual damage to people or things related to the use of the parking lot and will only provide any registration on its video surveillance camera if required by law.

Room Service

Room service is available, as is Reception, throughout the day from 8.00 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. A request for this service should be made by contacting Reception directly from your room using the number 200, and it should be made in advance of when it is actually required. The breakfast service should be requested at least 14 hours before it is actually required; while lunch and dinner, or any other requests involving the restaurant (aperitifs etc.), should be made at least 4 hours beforehand. The SPA services (massages and treatments in your room) should be booked at least 24 hours before the date/time of treatment. A room service supplement will be billed directly to your room and the amount will depend on the type of room service required. In any room, you’ll find a paper directory with all the information about the room service supplement.
Rooms service for breakfast, lunch, aperitif or dinner is not available in the rooms of Classic typology. All the afore-mentioned services depend on the availability of the Hotel at the time of booking, which will be communicated at the time of the customer’s request.


The Relais provides electric bicycles that customers can hire for up to 4 hours  at a cost of Euros 25 per bicycle. The cost for a whole day from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. is Euros 50 per bike. Together with the bike, which can be hired at Reception, the customer will be provided with an in-deep explanation of how it functions and several choices of local routes that might be of interest. When hiring a bike, the customer is expected to verify its condition, which must correspond to that ascertained by the Hotel staff when it was returned. In the case of damage of any kind to the E-Bike, the customer will be expected to pay the price of its repair. The rider will also be held accountable for any damage to people or things, inside or outside the Hotel grounds, during the time of the booked bike hire. The Hotel will decline any responsibility.

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